Collection: Linguine with Tomatoes and Bottarga

This vibrant dish features linguine pasta sautéed with fresh, ripe tomatoes that have been gently cooked down into a luscious, rustic sauce. The star of the show is the inclusion of barra cockles, tender small clams that are a treasured delicacy in Sardinian cuisine, prized for their briny sweetness.

But the true umami punch comes from the distinctive addition of bottarga - cured and dried mullet roe that has been grated over the top of the pasta. Bottarga lends an intense, savory depth of flavor that is absolutely unique to the culinary traditions of Sardinia.

The bright tomato sauce, succulent clams, and the savory funk of the bottarga create an incredible interplay of tastes and textures. Each bite combines the fresh acid notes of tomato with the rich brininess of seafood and the concentrated savoriness of the cured mullet roe.

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